„Our wines will tell you stories about passion and tradition“

Try our wines and taste what they convey: our passion in wine-making, our long lasting tradition and our high quality standards. For generations we have been closely connected with nature. On a surface of 12 hectares we give our wines the necessary treatment to be able to develop naturally. We are a family run estate where everyone is giving their best from the caretaking of the vine until the bottling of the wine.

Being in tune with nature ...

... our wines grow on healthy and rich soil under the sun of Rheinhessen. With caution we contribute by working environmentally sound. We have chosen the natural greening in the vineyards and environmentally friendly means. We succeed in a consequent gaining of high quality wines due to a restraint cutting of the vine and an adequate thinning out.

A fine fruit and elegance ...

... are a result of the careful treatment of the grapes and a chilled fermentation. Concerning the red wines, which amount to 40 % of our whole production, we reach a high quality through a long-lasting mash fermentation. Our main grapes here are Dornfelder and Domina. The main white grapes are Riesling, Scheurebe, Müller-Thurgau and a variety of burgundy grapes. We offer new tasting varieties with new breeds such as Regent or Cabernet-Dorio. You can also find international classics like Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Auxerrois in our vineyards.